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At Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs we only offer private (in your home, in your environment for your lifestyle) training service for our clients. Because each person and each dog is different we feel that a group training lesson away from your own environment will not give you the results you are looking for in connection with your own personal lifestyle and environment.
Many pet store trainers will tell you that you can achieve the level of training you are looking for in their Pet Store training class. I argue the point of what happens after they left your training class, when the handler and dog are back in their own environment with their own unique circumstances, distractions, and lifestyle? You guessed it, the dog and handler revert back to the way they were because the dog was trained to perform in the training class not for the real life that you live. How many people do you know that have a dog that does not perform? How many of them have said “I took him to obedience class but……” or “The dog is great with the trainer but he does not perform that way for me” or my personal favorite “WOW he does not act like that in obedience class”?
My father believed that a properly trained dog should be trained to perform everywhere the handler may go. He also believed that the handler needs to trained properly as well. I believe in this methodology. To achieve this goal I must go to as many places you go with your dog as possible. I’ll be by your side with you and your dog in as many situations as your lifestyle demands. This is not Pet Store training this is training for the real world.