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Housebreaking can be a tedious task. Watching the pup 24/7 till it is housebroken is not fun and it is often not fun for the puppy when accidents happen. The pup can feel your stress but does not understand why you are stressed or even angry. Because a pup is cowering after you yell at it for eliminating in your house DO NOT be confused and assume the response you got as the pup understands. The pup does not understand. The only thing the pup understands at that point is that you are angry and he/she does not know why. This causes unnecessary stress and it is not teaching the pup anything positive.
The goal of housebreaking is to stop the pup from eliminating inside your home. I use a tried and true method for housebreaking a pup. Not only is this method proven for over 20 years, it is fun for the pup and will be fun and exciting for you as well. When my housebreaking program is complete, your pup will not only stop eliminating in your house, the pup will tell you when they need to go out. I also offer advanced housebreaking that includes eliminating on command.
If you are interested in my housebreaking program, please call to schedule an appointment.