Terry McCormack is a Registered Certified Service Dog Trainer, National Training Director for SDS (Service Dog Schools). He is also an AKC Star Puppy, CGC and CGCA evaluator, a proud member of and registered breeder with the USCA, and the only person licensed in the State of Massachusetts to operate this type of business specifically. (License to operate a Hearing Dog Business MA State License #1). Terry has over 40 years experience training dogs. He apprenticed for 10 years under his late father, Command Sargent Major Francis X McCormack U.S. Army Retired. His father was a Master Working Dog Trainer, disabled highly decorated WWII, Korean and Vietnam veteran who trained dogs with the 82nd Airborne, Military Police K-9, Schutzhund trainers in Germany (Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde, also known as the SV), and also privately for disabled and non-disabled individuals, state and federal agencies for a total of over 40 years. Terry has used the knowledge and hands on training passed down from his father to train, title, certify and evaluate a total of over 1,000 dogs since the completion of his apprenticeship in 1986. The methodology behind his training is for reliable performance of the dog during real life situations. Because Terry feels the majority of what he learned from his father can be directly transferred to dogs for different applications, he has transferred much of the no nonsense hands on philosophy and methodology he learned from his father to training service dogs for disabled people specifically today.

A message from the President:
I understand the challenges people face when dealing with some of the big Service Dog organizations: waiting lists of five years or longer, performance issues, and bonding issues to name a few. The way Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs trains Service Dogs and their handlers sets us apart from them. We train a Service Dog specifically for the needs of one specific individual: you. We use only professional trainers to imprint, train and socialize the puppy. We use only professional trainers throughout the process to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Our dogs are selected by me for you, with your particular needs in mind. With us, you will see your puppy grow, form a relationship with the dog from the earliest stages, and participate in the dog's progress throughout the training process.

Before you meet your puppy, your puppy has been screened to be appropriate for the tasks you need. You will know the dog from the very young age 8-16 weeks, before training specific to you commences. You will handle your dog with me for half a day once each month during its training process. Our method improves the bonding, performance and transition when your Service Dog is finally ready to live with and assist you full-time.

I am often asked if we will train breeds other than German Shepherds, or clients' own dog. The answer to that question is yes--but the dog must pass our initial evaluation for the area(s) in which you are interested in having your dog trained, i.e. service dog tasks and public access training, obedience, behavior modification, personal protection, AKC Star Puppy, AKC CGC or CGCA Certificate/title, or a combination of training services. Upon completion of our 3 hour evaluation you will learn if your dog can be trained in the area you are interested in, along with your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, and your dog's overall potential.

It takes a special temperament in a dog to handle the stress of public access while also performing service dog tasks. Most dogs will not meet the temperament and trainability requirements to move forward with service dog training, but some special dogs will. I encourage individuals with disabilities interested in my owner program to call and schedule an evaluation to be certain your situation is a proper fit before wasting a lot of time, money and emotions on a dog or puppy to discover over a year later is not a fit for service dog work.   

I love helping people, especially people in need. I enjoy what I do, and believe in doing the job right the first time. This is what my father believed and it is what I believe in as well.

Thank you,

Terry McCormack
Registered Certified Service Dog Trainer
National Training Director SDS (Service Dog Schools)​​ 
AKC CGC Evaluator #69728
MA State License #1
Terry McCormack
Registered Certified Service Dog Trainer
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