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Why donate?

While there are many great causes worthy of charitable donations, few can immediately change a life or continue to have an impact throughout a lifetime. When you donate to us, you are directly helping a disabled person obtain a needed Registered Certified Service Dog trained for that person specifically in the area of their disability or disabilities and lifestyle. So many disabled people are on waiting lists and/or just cannot afford a needed Service Dog. With your help, you can bring someone in need of a Service Dog that cannot afford one, one step closer to obtaining the much needed Service Dog. These dogs save lives! Our Diabetic Service Dogs warn a diabetic when their blood sugar reaches a level that is dangerous. By doing so, it dramatically helps prevent diabetic coma that may lead to death. Our Mobility and Medical Assist dogs help the physically disabled by retrieving objects, opening and closing doors to acting as a support if they cannot walk without assistance. Our Hearing dogs alert the hearing impaired to sounds that they would not be alerted to on their own such as a fire alarm, phone ringing, Baby crying, to someone knocking on their door. Our PTSD and  Psychiatric Service Dogs help the mentally disabled by neutralizing the effects of their mental condition. An example of this would be a Veteran who fought for our country is suffering from flashbacks PTSD, the dog is trained to respond to the condition by redirecting them and giving them a lot of love and affection. It is medically unclear as to why the dog is able to mitigate mental conditions like PTSD but it is clear that it works. By giving to Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs not only are you directly contributing to saving a life, you are also helping a disabled person gain back their feeling of independence and security.

When the level of $25,000.00 in donations is reached, we donate up to $5,000.00 of our time to cover the remaining cost of a Fully Trained and Certified Service Dog from us. Because of your donation, we will able to provide a Service Dog for someone who cannot pay for it on their own free of charge and we will continue to do so every time the level of donation to pay for a Service Dog is met. If you choose you can also donate for someone specific that you know that is waiting for a Service Dog from us or a Service Dog that is being trained by us. You can do this by Indicating this in the confirmation/memo area of your donation so we can apply your donation directly to the person you requested to help.

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$2,350.00 of our $25,000.00 Goal raised so far.
Our Sponsors And Doners
Through our shared mission and fiscal sponsorship with Service Dogs of Florida (a 501c3 public charity)
All donations to us through Service Dogs of Florida is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!
Service Dogs of Florida, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3, Service Dog school, servicing all of Florida. We have trainers and puppy-raiser across the state and can service almost any area. We train a number of school dogs in Hearing, Mobility, PTSD, and Medical Alert and also assist owners trainers in furthering their dogs abilities.
For more information about the fiscal sponsorship with
Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs


Our Corperate Doners
Please take the time to visit these companies and organizations that truly care about the disabled. You may also visit their websites by clicking on their logo below.
Individual Contributors
Thank you for your donation and support of the disabeled people who cannot afford a service dog without your help!
Terry McCormack, Anna McCormack, Frank McCormack, Mike McCormack, Erik Kataisto, Patricia Krupkin, Julie Pearson, Sabrina Hatfield, Joe Burger, Barry Nelson, Cheryl Pearson, Mrs. Richard, Lauren Shelley, Caroline Everitt, Heather Engrassia, Ann Marie Montello, Megan Waldron, Betsy McCormack, Sonya Granahan, Barry Krupkin, Sanjay Gulati, Christa Gulati, Michelle Arnhold,
‚ÄčIC Federal Credit Union, Judith Corliss, Deb Wilson, Dr. & Mrs Mann, Janice & Bob Craigen.