At Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs we work with our clients as a team; We are always available to answer any questions even after the training process is complete. Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs clients can rely on us to always be there to guide, teach, explain, listen, and understand their specific needs. Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs offers multiple training programs for dogs that are purchased from us. Your Service Dog will be ready for you full time approximately 12 - 16 months from the date of purchase. This timeline is a rough estimate. Ultimately it is up to the dog and the amount of training needed for your specific needs.

Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs methodology stems from the tried and true practices that have achieved great results in the area of hearing, mobility, diabetic low blood sugar alert, PTSD, Psychiatric, and general Medical Assist Service Dogs. If you have an out-of-the-ordinary situation please give us a call and talk with us about it, we may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can, even in the area of obtaining funding to purchase your Service Dog.
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At Saint Francis German Shepherd Service Dogs we only offer private (in your home, in your environment for your lifestyle) training service for our clients. Because each person and each dog is different we feel that a group training lesson away from your own environment will not give you the results you are looking for in connection with your own personal lifestyle and environment.
Many trainers will argue the sit means sit point and will tell you that you can achieve the level of training you are looking for in their Pet Store training class. I argue the point of what happens after they left your training class, when the handler and dog are back in their own environment with their own unique circumstances, distractions, and lifestyle? You guessed it, the dog and handler revert back to the way they were because the dog was trained to perform in the training class not for the real life that you live. How many people do you know that have a dog that does not perform? How many of them have said “I took him to obedience class but……” or “The dog is great with the trainer but he does not perform that way for me” or my personal favorite “WOW he does not act like that in obedience class”?
My father believed that a properly trained dog should be trained to perform everywhere the handler may go. I believe in this methodology. To achieve this goal I must go to as many places you go with your dog as possible. I’ll be by your side with you and your dog in as many situations as your lifestyle demands. This is not Pet Store training this is training for the real world.

All litters are Registered with the United Schutzhund Club of America and/or the AKC. All puppies come with the traditional German SV standard Elite papers showing verified working titles, show ratings and breed surveys that can be traced at least 4 generations back in the blood line.
The old tradition and standard the German Schutzhund Club (SV) has is a good one. They believed that in order to improve on the breed of German Shepherd Dog it must have it all in the bloodline to move forward breeding. Confirmation (Show quality looks and good show rating), Hips and Elbows clear of any dysplasia or genetic defects, and proven workability verified by meeting the requirements to obtain a Schutzhund 1, 2, or 3 title to get an OK to breed the dog. For some reason I cannot fully explain, the breed of German Shepherd Dog split to the point that it is next to impossible to find a true working dog that will get a VA rating in show. On the other hand it is also next to impossible to find a VA rated dog that will perform like a true working dog. To put it in a simple way, some people wanted more looks others more bite and they bred them for their own needs. My father wanted to bring the working temperament back in the Elite German Shepherd Dog. Make the SV standard mean something in all aspects of the standard, not just work or show. We had a detailed plan to achieve this goal. Unfortunately he passed away before he had a chance to see his dream come true. I moved forward on my own using his strict standards to make this happen. I have searched through more dogs than I can count to offer you the best of the best.
This is what I offer you in a Vom Haus Mack German Shepherd.