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Our obedience program is customized for you and your lifestyle. You can choose from basic obedience (Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Heal) to more advanced obedience training. Everyone is different and every dog is different, because of this, I require a full evaluation on your dog in relation to what your particular training goals are before training begins.
Upon completion of my 3 hour evaluation you will have a good understanding if your dog can be trained in the area you are interested in. You will have a clear insight on your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, what your dog will be able to do and what your dog will probably not be able to do. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will have an approved training program customized for you and your lifestyle. This training program will be based on your needs and your dog’s capabilities.
If you are interested in my obedience or AKC CGC Certificate program, please call to schedule an appointment.