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My philosophy on Personal Protection training stems from my father. He spent more than 40 years training with the Military Police K-9, Schutzhund trainers in Germany along with non military law enforcement agencies. We have donated multiple fully trained Police Dogs to the Maryland State Police and one to the Massachusetts State Police.
The best way for me describe the differences between Schutzhund protection and Law Enforcement K-9 work is Law Enforcement is real, Schutzhund Protection is a game. A Schutzhund dog that has not advanced to Police Dog training only knows a sleeve. A Police Dog and/or Personal Protection Dog know that it is the bad guy that is the reward NOT the sleeve. Some trainers in the Schutzhund arena know this and will admit to this fact, others will not till the sleeve is tossed and the dog go’s after the sleeve and not the bad guy.
The way I train a Personal Protection dog is to protect you and to protect itself against anyone it does not know or considers a threat to pack members. A properly trained Personal Protection dog will only show aggression when it is commanded to guarding mode and will only bite if the dog is commanded to do so or if you are under attack.
It takes a special temperament in a dog to be a Personal Protection Dog or Police Dog. The dog must be able to turn off when commanded as well as protect you with everything the dog has. This includes the dogs life if necessary.
I require a full evaluation and background check in relation to what your particular Personal Protection needs are before training begins. If you are not purchasing a Personal Protection Dog from me, I will evaluate your dog as well.
Upon completion of my 3 hour evaluation you will have a good understanding if your dog can be trained in the area you are interested in. You will have a clear insight on your dog’s strengths and weaknesses, what your dog will be able to do and what your dog will probably not be able to do. Upon completion of the evaluation, you will have an approved training program customized for you and your lifestyle. This training program will be based on your needs and your dog’s capabilities.
If you are interested in my Personal Protection program, please call for more details and to schedule an appointment