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Our mobility dogs are quick to respond and are very enthusiastic about doing their job. Because we expect our dogs to perform with over 90% accuracy, we may limit our mobility dogs to 3 tasks if they are intended to be a multi role Service Dog that will not only function as a mobility dog, but will also function in other areas if needed. If you are only interested in a mobility dog, we may be able to accommodate up to 5 tasks if needed.

Our mobility dogs are trained to assist a physically disabled person in their day to day life. The tasks the dogs are trained to perform are your choice. You may choose from our list of mobility dog tasks to a special request task that is more in line with your lifestyle.

Pick Up and Retrieve small objects, Open Doors and Close Doors, Press Handicap Access Button, Turn lights On and Off, Act as a brace for stability while walking.

Because we respect your privacy and believe the public should as well, we believe and understand that displaying your specific area of disability on your Service Dog may be uncomfortable and an invasion of privacy when out in public.
The public has the right to know if the dog is necessary for you but does not have a right to invade your privacy by demanding specifics about your disability. Because of this, we may upon request classify all the areas of disability we service for you under Medical Service Dog or Medical Assist Service Dog for identification purposes on your Service Dog.

All our dogs no matter what training program or multi function training program you choose may be trained in the “GET HELP” or “CALL FOR HELP” feature. Call us and ask us for more details. 978-537-4091

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